BOIR Studio Unveils SAL⊥

BOIR Studio Unveils SAL⊥

BOIR Studio has unveiled SAL⊥, a portable saltworks that lets users harvest their own natural sea salt. SAL⊥ mimics the sustainable process of sea salt creation, which the Mediterranean Sea salt harvesters have been using for millennia.

SAL⊥ is a salt container that lets users witness & experience the precious moments of natural sea salt crystals creation and sea salt harvesting.

"SAL⊥ exhibits unique crystal patterns and allows you to harvest your salt most authentically, applying the T-shaped tool reminiscent of those used by traditional sea salt harvesters," explained studio co-founders Vlatka Leskovar-Zidar and Ivan Zidar. "It lets you cherish the moment so essential and simple, yet so unknown to most of us."

SAL⊥ comes with concentrated Adriatic seawater (brine). Pour a thin layer of bottled brine, expose it to sunlight for an hour or heat it up in the oven. When the crystal pattern appears, it's ready to be harvested with a special metal T-shaped tool.

SAL⊥'s elegant case comes in natural walnut or oak with dark oil finishing. The ceramic vessel inside is coated with a waterproof enamel to enable the optimal salt crystallization. SAL⊥ will launch at the 2019 designjunction at London Design Festival.

Photos: Courtesy of BOIR

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