Rooms by Rankin - Jaguar and Rankin Collaborate to Create Stunning New Art

Rooms by Rankin: Jaguar and Rankin Collaborate to Create Stunning New Art

Jaguar has revealed the first in a series of exquisite photographs created by the iconic British fashion and style photographer, Rankin. ‛Rooms by Rankin' is a special collaboration between Jaguar and Rankin to celebrate the design excellence of three key Jaguar sports saloons - XF, XE and Mk 2.

To create a sense of originality and visual dynamism, Rankin designed and built three bespoke studio rooms, each dressed to reflect the unique character of the car.

"With our passion to create innovative, stand-out designs and Rankin's reputation for fearless creativity, this collaboration makes perfect sense," stated Julian Thomson, Jaguar Design Director. "We asked Rankin to push the boundaries and create a series of images that makes the cars really stand out."

The first photograph is 'Flying High,' showcasing the Jaguar XF. Using hundreds of individually crafted paper birds, finished in a bright orange to create a dramatic contrast with the XF's striking metallic paintwork, it references the XF's precision engineering and beautifully crafted exterior.

"It's not often a global automotive brand presents you with an open brief, but that's exactly what happened this time," Rankin said. "They wanted three entertaining and eye-catching photographs to celebrate the core characteristics of each model. And that was it. What a dream brief.

"The idea behind the 'Rooms' concept was to create a backdrop for each model - a bespoke visual tapestry that is fun and will make people smile. To me that's what makes all Jaguar cars different and desirable, so I hope we've managed to achieve that."

The upcoming second photograph is 'Moving in the Mist,' featuring the Jaguar XE. Using layers of translucent sheets suspended from specially constructed rigging, aided by several wind machines to create a controlled airflow, the finished picture echoes the flowing form and natural elegance of the XE. Finally, the third artwork, to be released on October 21, is 'Period Drama' - a nostalgic picture to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Jaguar Mk 2.

Photos: Courtesy of Jaguar

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