Oh Yeah Brewing by hcreates

Oh Yeah Brewing by hcreates

hcreates recently completed the design of Oh Yeah Brewing in Beijing. Located in Guo Mao CBD, the brewery looks to attract locals who seek a relaxed yet modern social environment. The client wanted to challenge the typical industrial-style craft beer bar and create a relaxed yet modern space where people could enjoy delicious bites and fresh beer with friends for hours-on-end.

Formerly the site of an aviation parts factory, Oh Yeah Brewing makes full use of the building's impressive height. The double-height brewery, the centerpiece of the space, spans two levels and presses up into the ten-meter high ceiling. The challenge for the design was always going to be how to bring intimacy to the space and cater to different dining preferences. To manage this, the space seamlessly integrates three distinct areas - a sun-drenched indoor pizza garden, a main beer hall nestled between a band-ready stage and double-height brewing tanks, and a more intimate and cozy drinking lounge upstairs.

On the exterior, the large font lettering of "Oh Yeah Brewing" stamps the fa├žade, a crisp stainless-steel box contrasted against the earthy beige textured finish. Hannah Churchill, the design director of hcreates, really enjoys this aspect of the space. "You enter the brewery through this silvery box and are instantly transported away from the concrete grey of the urban surroundings into a flourishing garden oasis." The designers carefully selected different elements such as the Terracotta tiling, concrete plastered walls, earthy-colored large-format terrazzo flooring and hanging plants, to create a calming yet grand space in natural tones. The far end of the garden features a beautiful terracotta pizza oven, where wooden oak frames conceal stainless steel planter boxes, surrounding the seating and bringing more greenery to the space. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light. Custom-printed blue fabrics were created to add extra subtle detailing to the bench seats and to compliment the more traditional outdoor garden-style furniture.

The main beer hall is separated from the pizza garden by a raw steel staircase backed by a huge LED screen and stage. The opposite side of the under stairs houses a takeaway fridge where patrons can easily take their favorite brew to go. With its grand ten-meter high ceiling, the double-height brewery is the emphasis of the space. Spanning across one wall, its stainless steel tanks gleam under a ceiling of custom-made lanterns. The bar is broken-up and designed to give unobstructed views into the brewery, so patrons are fully witnessing the production process. Above the open kitchen, a mural of stylized gold-leafed fish and a "Fresh As" slogan dominates the length of the hall, bringing a splash of color and artistic touch. Stone flooring and chunky solid oak furniture draw from the traditional tap house aesthetic. Large steel-framed windows look out on the outdoor patio area, providing plentiful daylight and green views.

For the second level mezzanine lounge, the designers wanted to create a more intimate space that overlooks the beer hall and forms a separate VIP area. To distinguish from the more traditional tiles in the rest of the space, the designers chose to use a mix of Oak and Walnut in chevron for the floor. A more refined touch is introduced into the space using a curved dark blue and deep red velvet bench seating. The custom-printed silk wallpaper and wall-mounted globe lights create an intimate lounge space.

Photography: Brian Chua


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