Milano Jewelry Week

Milano Jewelry Week

Milano Jewelry Week, a new Milanese event entirely dedicated to the world of jewelry, will take place on October 24-27, 2019.

Over 80 events including group and solo exhibitions, vernissages, gallery exhibitions and international schools, awards nights, workshops, cocktail parties and performances will offer different points of view on the history and technique of the goldsmith's art, returning a multi-faceted and accessible image of the jewel to which even non-experts can easily become passionate.

"I am really proud to see such an ambitious project come to life. We have been planning to realize it for many years and finally, in 2019, will see its first edition," commented Enzo Carbone, Founder of Prodes Italia, organizer of the event. "My main goal has always been to create a happening for all the experts in the sector, that at the same time showed this fascinating world to a wider audience. The success gained over the years by Artistar Jewels has given us the opportunity to intercept the need to give the right emphasis to contemporary jewelry, seeing in Milan the perfect city to welcome avant-garde and new trends while continuing to enhance traditions."

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