2019 SEGD Xlab - The Future of Experience and Place

2019 SEGD Xlab: The Future of Experience & Place

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design's 2019 Xlab, the ninth-annual experiential graphic design gathering, will be held in Brooklyn at BRIC for the second consecutive year. This year's theme, 'The Future of Experience & Place,' will explore the increasing value and demand in creating experiences.

The event will take a closer look at the strategies, methodologies and technologies experiential designers and visionaries are employing in creating innovative, immersive and interactive experiences for the public.

"Xlab is no longer just about how technology has helped shape design; it's about the Millennials' shift to an experience-based economy and about designers realizing the increased value that can be generated by creating experiences rather than only products and services," explained Clive Roux, SEGD's CEO.

The opening keynote of the 2019 SEGD Xlab event will be delivered by economist Jim Gilmore-co-author of The Experience Economy and co-founder of Strategic Horizons. Gilmore first wrote about how the world would move into the experience economy 20 years ago in the first edition of The Experience Economy. As an economist, Gilmore will supply a unique perspective on the significance of creating immersive experiences for audiences or consumers.

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