CuldeSac Designs Marine Conservation Themed Installation for Princess Yachts

CuldeSac Designs Marine Conservation Themed Installation for Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts recently partnered with CuldeSac Experience in the commissioning of artist Misael del Rosario to create a themed artistic installation at this year's International boat shows.

Since 2016, Princess Yachts supported the Marine Conservation Society and has proven its commitment to the preservation of the marine environment by eradicating all single-use plastics at their international events, serving only sustainably caught or reared seafood, and becoming the patrons of several key initiatives - from protecting the Eddystone Reef off the coast of Plymouth to funding eco-moorings in order to eliminate the destruction of seagrass beds.

During the months running up to the International boat show season, Del Rosario collected hundreds of discarded water bottles in order to repurpose and reinvent them through design to generate unique and ornate figures. Whilst studying this material, Del Rosario understood that, when applying heat to the bottles, they tended to lose their form, turning the familiar shapes into more organic figures. Through this, the artist conceived the concept of using plastic waste to generate an installation of a seabed that evoked the form of a coral reef.

Photos: Courtesy of CuldeSac

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