A Conversation About Design - The Transformation Economy

A Conversation About Design: The Transformation Economy

The 7th edition of the 'A Conversation About Design' conference will bring together a list of speakers from health, wellness, and travel to explain how brands that offer deeper meaning and connection with their customers, such as Nike and NHS, will stay ahead of the game.

Today, consumers seek more than experiences. They are searching for something authentic and meaningful, connecting with themselves to satisfy their inherent need for self-actualization.

Consumers are no longer choosing products and services according to how closely they match their likes and interests. Rather, they look for the extent to which they can connect on the most personal level and, in doing so, undergo a realized sense of transformation. It is the brands that offer these types of deeper meaning and connection with their customers that will stay ahead of the game.

Confirmed speakers include Nikki Patel, Head of Evaluation and Research of Digital Development at NHS, and Courtney Fearon, Nike Trainer & Personal Coach.

Photo: Adrian Fisk, Courtesy of Matter Of Form

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