uunn Digital Health Tracker for Teeth

uunn Digital Health Tracker for Teeth

uunn is a new digital health tracker that monitors the health of your teeth and provides guidance to help clean your teeth more effectively. This new device, which works with your smartphone and will be available early 2020, uses plaque identifying technology to help track and improve your dental health.

Founded by Hawaa Budraa and Gina Dorodvand, two London based biomedical engineers, uunn leverages 4+ years of extensive research in collaboration with dental experts, computer vision scientists, biomedical engineers and 400 beta testers. It's unique algorithm visualises any areas of plaque on your teeth so you can make informed steps towards cleaner teeth.

Clean teeth means keeping plaque under 1% (uunn calls this The Zone). Being in The Zone means your teeth are bright, your breath is fresh and your dental bills are low. "Everyday we brush our teeth without ever knowing its true efficiency, often leading to costly trips to the dentist," said Hawaa Budraa, co-founder of uunn. "Alongside our team of dental experts and computer vision scientists, we have created a simple, yet effective, way to highlight your plaque and track your progress so you know your brushing and flossing is paying off."

The uunn app and lens works in four easy steps:

1. Simply slide the uunn lens over your phone to allow the app to access your camera.
2. Take three photos of your teeth. One of the front, left and right.
3. Let the uunn algorithm do its thing as it compiles a comprehensive analysis of the plaque on your teeth.
4. Take action to reach and stay in The Zone. uunn will guide you with the best daily brushing and flossing techniques.

Photography: Colin Ross