De Bijenkorf Amsterdam by i29

De Bijenkorf Amsterdam by i29

i29 has designed the new Men's Fashion department at De Bijenkorf luxury store. The interior design is based on the original architectural structure of the monumental building. A spatial 'grid' connects the floor, columns, ceiling and furniture with each other in a division of gray tones. This structure forms a strong basis for the various installations, shop-in-shops and generic brand presentations in the store.

Each area has its own identity by varying the color and material of the installations. Glass in different colors provides a transparent spatial experience but also defines different areas. In the center of the store a spectacular LED installation is placed. Powerful brand presentations can be made here by means of branded videos in combination with the products.

The continuous grid in combination with transparent materials provides an overview, clear sightlines and a natural flow through the store. The individual installations follow the grid, but are flexible enough for a temporary reorganization to be able to draw up different scenarios such as a seasonal or sale presentation.

Photography: Ewout Huibers


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