Carnegie Brings Bold Colors into Commercial Spaces with New Upholstery Collection

Carnegie Brings Bold Colors into Commercial Spaces with New Upholstery Collection

Carnegie has released its latest upholstery line, featuring bold, multi-colored patterns and textured plains. The new collection responds to the trends in commercial spaces design as consumers continue to call for more approachable, livelier spaces and the line between living and working is increasingly blurring.

"Creating this collection was an incredibly satisfying process," commented Chase Taylor, Studio Director of Upholstery. "We dreamt of breathing new life into offices, waiting rooms, common areas, and other commercial areas with bold hues, patterns and textures, and putting a smile on the faces of people who ultimately use them."

Every fabric in the collection has an added performance or solution element that distinguishes it. Some fabrics have multi-usee functions, such as the ability to be used for panels, to increase interior solution applications.


A classic ├ępingle velvet that comes in a long, bold, saturated color line, which is also high performance and bleach cleanable while remaining finish-free.


A versatile patterned-plain, Honeycomb has ten bright new colorways and performs to the requirements of our modern work and living spaces.


With roots in a traditional plaid, this modern interpretation is highly gestural. Brushstroke is offered in eight beautiful colorways, and it performs as high as it is priced low.


Amplify is a large-scale, linear pattern that has a clean graphic look. The heather yarn in the ground is accentuated by bright colors that make the bold lines pop. It is both well-priced and high performing at 100k doubl- rubs.

Photos: Courtesy of Carnegie