Dribbble Releases Results of 2019 Global Survey

Dribbble Releases Results of 2019 Global Survey

Dribbble has released the results of its 2019 Global Survey. The survey offers insights into how and where designers are working, their salaries and education levels, areas for professional growth, hiring opportunities, and more.

More than 17,000 design professionals around the world responded to questions spanning the categories of Remote Work, Salary, Hiring Trends, Education, and Freelancing. "Dribbble's mission has always been to make designers successful," commented Zack Onisko, CEO of Dribbble. "We are constantly listening to and investing in our community with the goal of helping them grow their skills, build connections with other designers, and find meaningful job opportunities. We hope that these survey results equip designers with the information they need to be successful now and in the future, and provide hiring managers with an understanding of what designers are looking for in their careers."

Highlights from the Report

- Nearly 75% of respondents reported that they've done freelance work within the past year, and 40% reported that they are currently doing freelance work.
- Brand & Logo designers and Illustrators are more likely to freelance than others, and are more likely to be looking for leads.
- Freelancers are contacted for work via various channels, from in-person to social media and networking sites. In-person contacts account for nearly 50% of all freelance opportunity connections.

- The companies that designers most want to work for are Google, Apple, and Disney/Pixar.
- The majority of U.S.-based designers report finding their current job opportunities through in-person channels (18%) or through an online job board (18%). Others report working with a recruiter (13%) or contacting a company directly (13%).
- Product and graphic design hiring opportunities are growing-more than 38% of global respondents report they are looking to add a product designer to their team this year.

- U.S.-based product designers are the highest-paid among design professionals, reporting an average salary of $103,000. 73% of product designers reported annual salaries of $75,000 or above.
- Designers in California are the highest-paid, with 40% reporting salaries at/above $100,000, followed closely by Washington State and New York.

- 14% of design professionals report working remotely on a full-time basis, while 40% report working a combination of remote and on-site, and 46% report working fully on-site.
- U.S. employees who work remotely on a full-time basis report earning higher average salaries compared to on-site employees. 38% of remote employees earn more than $75K, vs. just 23% of on-site employees.
- When it comes to why people work remotely, the top benefits reported include the ability to set one's own schedule, to enjoy a greater work-life balance, and to live and work from anywhere they choose.