Vollebak Debuts Deep Sleep Cocoon Jacket

Vollebak Debuts Deep Sleep Cocoon Jacket

Vollebak has debuted 'Deep Sleep Cocoon,' a 'self-contained microhabitat' designed to help you sleep anywhere. The jacket mimics adaptable and protective structures like the exoskeleton of a woodlouse and the cocoons spun by moths and caterpillars. Created for physical and psychological comfort in inhospitable places, the cocoon strips out light like an isolation tank, has space for noise-canceling headphones, reduces your exposure to unnecessary stimulus, and while you can see out, no-one can see in.

The shape and functionality of the Deep Sleep Cocoon are based on the woodlouse. Thanks to their segmented and shell-like exoskeleton, woodlice can use their own body as a protective shield to create a barrier between themselves and the world. With a hood that can fold over on itself and transform into a ball, and three articulated layers of material on the back of the jacket, the Deep Sleep Cocoon mimics the woodlouse's exoskeleton.

The Deep Sleep Cocoon is built from an advanced three-layer fabric designed and built in Switzerland. The outer layer is extremely abrasion-resistant. The middle layer has a waterproof and windproof membrane. And the layer next to your skin is a soft nylon.

Vollebak has also released a short film named 'Asteroid Miner,' which features the Deep Sleep Cocoon and looks at life onboard an asteroid mining ship in 2084. With pet kittens to fight the loneliness, an unchanging diet of noodles, and unremitting sunlight, it's a far cry from the sterilized white spaceships that we were promised.

Photos: Courtesy of Vollebak


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