FCA Designs New Liberty Property Trust Headquarters

FCA Designs New Liberty Property Trust Headquarters

Francis Cauffman Architects (FCA) recently designed the new Liberty Property Trust headquarters, an office geared to fit a variety of workstyles. To determine what the Liberty Property Trust team wanted in their new home, FCA conducted workplace surveys, focus groups, and tours with executive leadership. The results indicated a preference for an open floor plan, benching systems, breakout areas, and conference rooms that, together, created a productive and efficient workspace. By focusing on what employees want, FCA was able to produce an environment that had a space for every type of employee workstyle.

One of the key areas in the office is the 'Town Center,' which replaces the traditional office kitchen and provides a zone for employees to eat, collaborate, or relax. A custom shuffleboard offers the opportunity to bond with coworkers and plays into Liberty Property Trust's goal of fostering a creative and collaborative environment.

Though the layout doesn't include private offices, FCA integrated an array of small breakaway areas, informal lounges and meeting rooms for working, collaboration, discussion, or heads-down work. This diverse offering of spaces is in line with a more holistic approach to design, where one size certainly does not fit all.

Photos: Courtesy of FCA


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