Read Me Like a Book - 30 Years of Dobbin Books

Read Me Like a Book: 30 Years of Dobbin Books

Pratt Library presents Read Me Like a Book: 30 Years of Dobbin Books, a retrospective exhibit of acclaimed artist and Pratt Faculty member Robbi Ami Silverberg. The show celebrates the 30th anniversary of Silverberg's artist book studio, Dobbin Books.

Over the course of 30 years, Dobbin Books has published over 130 artist books. Silverberg is involved in all stages of production and publishing, realizing coherent works of art.

Her work is conceptually focused on word cognition and interlinearity, with an emphasis on process and paper as active substrate. Unique to Dobbin Books is that Silverberg runs one of four hand paper making studios in NYC located at Dobbin Mill.

The exhibition will present circa 65 artist books dating from 1992 to 2019, along with three videos and three installations.

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Read Me Like a Book



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