Spector Group Completes Pinebridge Investments' New Global Headquarters

Spector Group Completes Pinebridge Investments' New Global Headquarters

Spector Group recently completed PineBridge Investments' new global headquarters at Park Avenue Tower. A 57,333 square-foot space encompassing three floors at the coveted Park Avenue Tower, the vertical campus has a smart office design and look and feel that combines an open work environment, private meeting spaces, conference rooms, and a centralized bistro and reception area designed for fluid client interaction and overall collaboration.

Spectorgroup worked on the project from the start and vetted various full-floor and vertical office space options. The decision to relocate to a three-floor campus was made to give a large, growing international company a more intimate and modern work atmosphere. To balance that with the need for future employee growth, the design strategy incorporated elements of workplace occupancy and strategy analytics to provide flexibility for the company to expand in the future.

Central to the design was the concept of a vertical campus, reimagining the idea of open office collaboration by creating a central spinal staircase connecting all three floors. Through this feature, Spectorgroup was able to avoid some of the typical concerns around open-plan design, such as privacy, and instead allow greater connectivity between the floors, fostering camaraderie and collaboration between teams.

PineBridge's new offices have bright, illuminated spaces complemented by a mix of neutral, porcelain stone, walnut wood and glass dividers, with the final product energizing a space that now fits a growing international firm. The design blended soft color palettes and semi-neutral tones, which combined with the cutting-edge technology installed in the working spaces, underscores the history of the firm as a global asset manager with a theme of modernization and future growth.

"We approach the concept of workplace strategy differently than most firms in our space," commented Marc Spector, FAIA and principal at Spectorgroup. "We do not come in with preconceived notions of what we want to do, but rather fit the design to the vision, brand and culture of the client. PineBridge was a great partner, and we are happy to have transformed its new, global headquarters into an office fitting for a world-class firm."

Photography: Ben Gancsos

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