Jason Sherwood Designs 'Swirling Cyclone' Stage for 92nd Oscars

Jason Sherwood Designs 'Swirling Cyclone' Stage for 92nd Oscars

For the 92nd Oscars, Swarovski has partnered with Jason Sherwood to create the stage design. This year's show marks Swarovski's 13th year illuminating the Oscars stage and Jason Sherwood's first Oscars set design. The three key Swarovski features include the Crystal Inner Spiral and a crystal closedown, which incorporates a Crystal Curtain and Crystal Tower dazzling with more than 40,000 Swarovski crystals in clear crystal, golden shadow and silver shade.

"Designing for the Oscars in 2020 is about creating a space as complex, diverse, and beautiful as the movies of the year, for a celebration of some of the world's most esteemed artists," Sherwood commented. "My production design is a sculptural cyclone where Hollywood glamour and film-making artistry can combine visually to celebrate the impact of storytelling, and our partnership with Swarovski has allowed that vision to shine at every turn. Crystals imbue the design with the floating, magical sense of possibility, and bring an almost kaleidoscope wonder to a stage and a year of movies that celebrate the human experience."

The Crystal Inner Spiral is a 1,100lbs structured swirl adorned with captivating crystal curtains. Hundreds of crystal strands threaded with 12,000 precision-cut Swarovski crystals bring a mesmerizing lightness and luminosity to the center of the stage. The crystal closedown combines a dazzling 600lbs 60ft by 40ft Crystal Curtain and a 1,325lbs 14ft by 38ft Crystal Tower - featuring more than 28,000 Swarovski crystals alone.

Image: Courtesy of Jason Sherwood Designs

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