Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge

Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge

The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) of Abu Dhabi has launched a global creative ideas competition to improve outdoor thermal comfort in public spaces by mitigating the impact of the Urban Heat Island Effect in the city.

The competition is open to all; but is specifically looking for designers, architects, engineers, landscape architects, material scientists, educators, researchers, students, artists and/or inter-disciplinary teams from across the globe, to contribute.

The winning entries will represent the most original and innovative ideas that attempt to reduce Heat Island Effect in a prototypical urban site in Abu Dhabi through design interventions or material and scientific innovations.

Entries are not limited to architectural design interventions and are encouraged to work across scales, technologies, systems, and materials. The DMT, alongside industry-leading experts in sustainable design and architecture, will select 10 of the most original and innovative design ideas for public spaces that will help minimize the impact of climate change, or new design methodologies that attempt to reduce the urban heat island effect in public spaces in the Emirate.

Entrants are invited to produce climate remediation solutions by submitting designs that demonstrate a high-level understanding of innovative engineering and science.

The deadline for submissions is May 12, 2020.

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