Built by Women - Los Angeles 2020

Built by Women: Los Angeles 2020

The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF) has announced a selection of 56 projects from women-led architecture, landscape, engineering and construction firms in the Los Angeles area to be showcased at the annual Built by Women exhibit, opening May 15 at the A+D Museum.

This year, over 100 projects were submitted for consideration, ranging from tiny homes to major civic construction complexes. At this spring's exhibit, an air-traffic control tower, aerospace labs and a coliseum will hang alongside a cathedral, a floating bungalow, low-income housing and a design for the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy.

"Los Angeles has always been a hotbed of American design and [the] jury demonstrated how women there are leading the way," commented architect and urbanist Claire Weisz. "The Built by Women program helps elevate and honor these important works, and we all hope this initiative helps make the record difficult if not impossible to erase."

"A project of the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation, Built by Women has been created to recognize the significant but often overlooked work of historical and contemporary women architects, landscape architects, urban designers, engineers, contractors and developers," added Cynthia Phifer Kracauer, AIA, executive director of the foundation. "It also matches strong role female models and mentors with current professionals and students to promote paths of advancement."

Following similar successful initiatives in New York City and Washington, D.C., this year's Built by Women exhibit in Los Angeles will coincide with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2020 Conference on Architecture.

Photo: La Kretz Innovation Campus by JFAK Architects © Benny Chan

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