DLR Group Designs Lobby of Curtis Hotel

DLR Group Designs Lobby of Curtis Hotel

DLR Group recently completed the lobby of Curtis Hotel. Located in Denver, Colorado, DLR Group took the Hotel's unique brand and 'Stay Happy' nostalgic mantra to create a lobby with naturistic materials, vibrant colors, and both vintage and modern design elements suggestive of each Colorado season.

Guests are welcomed by a happy camper who sparks the excitement of the journey ahead. Guests walk through a 'campsite' and 'pool area' and are invited to unwind in the Denver landscape. Inspired by rock climbing, the check-in desk has an area of brightly colored ropes and carabiners and a stylized rock face.

Natural textures mimicking the Red Rock Amphitheatre and freshly snowed mountain tops alongside vintage ski and snowboards create a nostalgic ski resort, juxtaposed to the bright poolside hang out filled with kitschy flamingos and crochet games.

Walking through the lobby takes guests through the great outdoors of Denver and all the exciting activities it has to offer.

Photography: Kruger Images

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