100 Archive Launches 'Map Irish Design'

100 Archive Launches 'Map Irish Design'

100 Archive has launched Map Irish Design, which features 2,300 communication design projects collected since 2010. Funded by the Creative Ireland Programme, Map Irish Design sought to look more closely at these projects and their associated data to build a comprehensive picture of contemporary communications design in Ireland.

"While the 100 Archive has been gathering this material since 2012, we have never had the time or resources to really look at it and see what it says about the design industry in Ireland and the impact it has on business, culture and society in this country," commented Aideen McCole who led the project for 100 Archive. "Design completely surrounds us, such as the coffee cups we drink out of, the websites we visit, the shopfronts we pass by and the signs which help us navigate our towns and cities.

"The design process shapes a significant amount of the fabricated world and the work of communication designers contributes much of our visual landscape and material culture. From the tiny details on a postage stamp to a campaign seen on banners, billboards and buses across the country, the 100 Archive reflects just how much design affects us every day."

The project delivers insights on the design industry in Ireland and how design is used by various sectors, as well as revealing contemporary design to be a valuable artefact of social history; by looking at design we can see changes in how we consume, what we desire, where our priorities lie and more.

more: map.100archive.com (54)