Spitzkant by Julien Fincker

Spitzkant by Julien Fincker

Julien Fincker has released Spitzkant, a serif typeface family that is characterized by strong contrasts. Pointed, sharp serifs and edges contrast with round and fine forms, making it very individual and expressive. This makes it particularly suitable for branding, editorial, packaging and advertising.

The high-contrast display version has been complemented by a lower-contrast text version, making Spitzkant in combination suitable for both strong headlines and extensive body text.

The Spitzkant Head and Text family has a total of 2 optical sizes, 5 weights and 20 weights, from thin to bold and matching italics. With over 850 characters, it covers over 200 Latin-based languages. It also has an extended set of currency symbols and a whole range of open type features. For example, there are alternative characters as Stylistic Sets, Small Caps, automatic fractions and many other features.

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