Terraplanter 'Inside-Out' Hydroponic Planter by Eran Zarhi

Terraplanter 'Inside-Out' Hydroponic Planter by Eran Zarhi

Designed by Eran Zarhi, Terraplanter is an inside-out hydroponic planter made for indoor plant growing. It was designed to match any interior living space and keeps maintenance to a minimum - all the while sustaining a plant which grows on the exterior surface.

The Terraplanter acts as a water bank and is made from a solid yet porous ceramic material, allowing water to slowly diffuse through it. Cells on the exterior surface host water giving the plant time to drink. Ultimately, this means the owner will need to spend less time tending to his or her plant.

The design of the Terraplanter was inspired by nature and the way in which plants grow naturally in the rain forest as well as similar humid environments - roots are exposed, above ground, and cling onto a moist structure with constant access to both water and air. The design challenges were met by the Terraplanter which outfits 1,400 cells with a micro-textured surface providing grip for plant roots. As the roots grow into the pattern layout of the Terraplanter it is nature that is molded into its design.

Photo: Courtesy of Terraplanter

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