IDA Announces Winners of COVID-19 Design Innovation Grant

IDA Announces Winners of COVID-19 Design Innovation Grant

The International Design Awards (IDA) and the European Product Design Awards (ePDA) have unveiled the winners of the 'COVID-19 Design Innovation Grant.' The two industry bodies invited designers and innovators to put their talents to work and find innovative solutions to tackle some of the most pressing problems and needs during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The open call for entries received an overwhelming response, with hundreds of creative designs and ideas submitted from all over the world, showing how talented and visionary designers were turning their skills towards tackling these issues in practical ways.

Sarah Goldblatt won the $5,000 Grant for 'collaboration between Architecture and Interior Design' with Safe Shed, a low cost, easily assembled, in-home shelter that allows symptomatic individuals to recuperate while isolating from family members or roommates. David Bassetti received $5,000 Grant for Product Design for Positive Air Pressure Respirator designed with off the shelf parts.

The $2,000 Grant for Graphic Design was awarded to Nakevia Miller for 'Safety Protocols' infographics, and the $2,000 Grant for Fashion Design was awarded to Danielle Elsener for 'DECODE' fashionable and reusable masks.

Photo: Positive Air Pressure Respirator by David Bassetti

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