Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel by JCJ Architecture

Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel by JCJ Architecture

JCJ Architecture recently renovated 'Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel,' a beautiful local landmark on California's beautiful Santa Catalina Island, providing travelers with the ultimate California lifestyle experience. The firm delivered a one-of-a-kind lifestyle experience that expertly marries the old and the new, balancing the property's important historic components with impactful contemporary touches.

Originally home to a best-selling American author, known for his adventure novels and idealization of the American frontier, the project revitalized the property into an authentic boutique hotel. The renovation project included a new three-story building and renovation of the two and three-story South Building, Zane Grey's original home. The firm was challenged with maintaining important historic components while still incorporating contemporary boutique hotel trends. Ultimately, the iconic hotel is refreshed with beautiful, modern architecture that upholds its unique provenance.

Upon entering, guests are greeted at reception/check-in. Taking cues from the surrounding California landscape and inspired by Catalina's island aesthetic, the design team blended casual eclectic with rustic and artistically appropriate elements within the historic structure. Sophisticated coastal nods are incorporated, with clean finishes, and open furniture configurations, and custom artwork, all tying back to the Zane Grey story. Original historic elements such as book racks, wood plank doors with hardware, timber ceilings and original plasterwork were retained and preserved. New finishes were developed to be compatible with the original 1925 Pueblo Revival style structure and reinforce the unique experience. Lastly, the Penthouse is designed to be a truly unique experience from the rest of the hotel, exemplifying the idea that Zane Grey is 'the jewel of the island.'

As the hotel overlooks picturesque Avalon Bay, offering hotel guests impeccable views of the waterfront and island hills, JCJ chose to make this a focal point of the hotel experience. Mountain and ocean views surround the hotel - offering guests unique vistas and experiences throughout the property. Each room is unique, outfitted with furniture that keeps them spacious and livable, but still cozy. Guest suites in the new three-story building circle around the pool, which, alongside the terrace, serves as the connection to the main entrance building. Preservation of the 1957 arrowhead-shaped pool was required; while updated to include modern day amenities, it has been respectfully restored and is a key reminder of the property's history. The terrace, originally from the 50s, was made more usable and given a present-day feel so guests can feel comfortable lounging around the pool while taking full advantage of the unique Southern California setting.

Photos: Courtesy of JCJ Architecture

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