Phaidon Launches Materialising Colour - Journeys with Giulio Ridolfo

Phaidon Launches Materialising Colour: Journeys with Giulio Ridolfo

Phaidon has released 'Materialising Colour,' a coffee table book that dives into the work and methodologies of master colorist Giulio Ridolfo, the man behind the success of many of Kvadrat's beloved contemporary fabric collections and color palettes.

By tracing Ridolfo's journey with Kvadrat - beginning with his initial introduction of a warm, southern Italian sensibility to the brand's icy, Nordic palette - the book uncovers the subjective and alchemical methods behind Giulio's creative process. It introduces readers to his fascinating web of friends and collaborators from destinations around the world, including Norway, India, and England.

Materialising Colour is the first and only insight into the world of this renowned "colour master" whose processes and inspirations are rarely revealed to the public. The book is authored by London-based design curator Jane Withers, and includes an essay by design critic Anniina Koivu on the history of colour systems over the past 250 years.

Materialising Colour invites the reader to accompany Ridolfo on his quest to find inspiration for his unique colour palettes. The journey starts with the notion of colour and terroir in the northeast of Italy where Ridolfo comes from. It moves into the northern Danish landscape, where he composes new colour ranges in the long, clear days of midsummer, which is when he considers the light to be the most characteristic of Kvadrat's Nordic design heritage and the atmospheres he wants to achieve.