Felix Braden Releases Neo-Grotesque 'Turbine' Typeface

Felix Braden Releases Neo-Grotesque 'Turbine' Typeface

Designed by Felix Braden, Turbine is a neo-grotesque typeface with superelliptical curves. This fine geometric feature (a mixture of ellipse and rectangle, also known as Lamé curve) has often been applied in architecture, urban planning, product, and interior design and its application exudes a friendly, approachable appearance.

This type of design became particularly popular in the 60s and 70s, and this look and feel spill over into Turbine, giving it a little bit of a retro feel. However, less 'retro' in the nostalgic sense and more in the futuristic and confidence-inspiring sense, because of its suitability for the here and now is without question.

Turbine features striking curves, wide proportions, and a minimal contrast that result in a rational appearance that is highly recognizable. It makes Turbine the perfect fit for corporate design projects and advertising campaigns, especially for clients working in engineering, technological or pharmaceutical industries.

The open forms of this Neo-Grotesque achieve significantly higher legibility and elegance compared to older typefaces of this type. Low contrast and angular curves work perfectly on screen and make Turbine an all-rounder also for web design and app design. The family has 7 weights, from Thin to Extrabold plus corresponding italics.

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