PB Creative Designs New Additions for Axe Collisions

PB Creative Designs New Additions for Axe Collisions

Following the enormous success of the iconic Lynx Africa and Marmite brand mash-up, PB Creative has designed two new additions to the Axe (Lynx in the UK) collisions family. Building on this success and the appetite that consumers clearly have for limited edition packs and further collisions pairings, the design studio was briefed to consider how this proposition could be developed and portrayed through further range expansion.

The Axe brand team believes that when unexpected ingredients collide they create something incredibly special. The team asked PB to develop a design system that had the flexibility to act as a chassis for each collision expression and messaging whilst still retaining a range look and feel. Each collision concept needed to be fully comprehensible and easy to find on the shelf as well as having the longevity required to reinforce a powerful, strategic campaign.

The latest additions to the family are Skateboard & Fresh Roses and Wasabi & Fresh Linen. Each variant represents the collision of incredibly unexpected fragrance pairings that challenge stereotypes and give guys permission to express themselves, even if that means showing their softer side.

"The collisions chassis allows us to ramp up the Axe personality on pack and disrupt on shelf," commented Agata Racka, Design Director PB Creative. "While we've retained Axe's tone of voice, this limited edition brand expression is a much more literal and edgy iteration than the core range with intense graphics and bold hits of colour to bring these unexpected combinations to life."

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