Green Box Compostable Amenity Kit by Onmateria

Green Box Compostable Amenity Kit by Onmateria

OnMateria has unveiled 'The Green Box,' an amenity kit to help hotels transition to a circular economy. Green Box is made of bio-sourced, bio-based and compostable materials, fully integrable in a circular business model. Made out of recycled polylactic acid (PLA), leftover wheat fibers and non-toxic plant-based pigments, the items can be industrially composted in a controlled environment.

The disposable bin included in each room familiarises guests with this new kind of waste-stream, as the guest sort materials to compostable or non-compostable by themselves. The 'white' parts, too contaminated and not made of compostable material, are disposed of with the general waste and most often incinerated. The 'green' parts, the compostable items of the kit, are to be composted on an industrial facility, together with the rest of the hotel's organic waste. After 10 weeks of the industrial composting (methanization) all that is left are just soil and bio-gas - that could power a standard LED light bulb for more than a day. The organic matter left could be used as a soil fertilizer to regrow wheat.

OnMateria is a design collective focused on sustainability, based in Sweden. Founded by Eléa Nouraud, James Dart and Lola Buades, their ethos is to catalyze positive change through design and awareness.

Photo: Camille Mazoyer