Andreu World Releases Chairpedia

Andreu World Releases Chairpedia

For its 65th anniversary this year, Andreu World has released Chairpedia, a special project to showcase the brand's heritage in seating and passion for design. This new design lexicon & stunning coffee table book tells the story of the 101 most iconic chairs from all sorts of brands, designers and eras.

Chairpedia features a diverse range of contributors from the worlds of writing, history and design, and its unique illustrations from Andreu World's own Antonio Solaz tie the whole piece together.

"This book talks about our collective history while reviewing the history of some of the most famous chairs, the most avant-garde designs and also the humblest," stated Chairpedia publisher La Fábrica. "And so, page by page, we see the importance of the chair in all aspects of our lives, in an exercise of humility and gratitude: often we do not notice them, as usual, and they are nevertheless a real luxury, a tremendously valuable object not for their price or exclusivity, but for being part of our life more than we are able to see."

Photos: Courtesy of Andreu World

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