Daily Routines - Habits That Support Creativity

Daily Routines: Habits That Support Creativity

Daily Routines is an illustrated editorial in which five designers spread across the world - Anton Repponen (USA), Anna Seslavinskaya (USA), Becki Kozel (USA), Pavel Kedich (Latvia), and Mira Malhotra (India) - tell the habits that help them cope with their daily workload, develop fresh ideas, and be creative leaders.

Readymag explored their lives and work habits to find out what helps them stay productive. The goal was to help other creatives learn from the best, by sharing useful tips and tricks from their experience.

Beyond technical skills and theoretical knowledge, there are many smaller details that contribute to an outstanding design: like what tools are available, as well as music and productivity habits. Each interview includes a timetable, playlist, inspiring ideas and links, a story about fighting the fear of a blank page, advice on how to relax and reset, along with some sharp observations about design work.

The project was laid out by the Readymag design team with the help of illustrator Natasha Dzhola.

Image: Courtesy of Readymag

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