Memo Furniture Unveils Maru Collection

Memo Furniture Unveils Maru Collection

Memo Furniture has unveiled the Maru Collection, a range of slat-style wood benches designed in partnership with John and Wonhee Arndt of Studio Gorm. The poetic series features a variety of configurations, finishes, and design details, making the bench collection suitable for a spectrum of indoor and outdoor environments.

In the wake of the ever-growing desire for flexible furniture that can unite public, private and transitional spaces, the versatile bench collection was conceived for practical indoor and outdoor use - offering the user a moment of respite or a socially-distanced point of gathering. Approaching the collection from a material standpoint, Maru achieves a simple and honest visual expression reflective of the bench's ultimate functionality.

Offered in three, five and seven slat style options, the generous use of domestically sourced wood allows for a warm presence and provides a biophilic connection to a familiar, natural material. The option to specify backrests, seat pads, screens, and accessories, such as tables and power sources, provides the end-user additional functional possibilities and an aesthetic durability.


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