Shutterstock 2021 Color Trends Report

Shutterstock 2021 Color Trends Report

Shutterstock has released its annual Color Trends report which anticipates the hues that will dominate in 2021. The forecast is based on Shutterstock's analysis of pixel data together with image download data. This year's analysis shows that rich colors found in nature will dominate in the year to come.

"For years, brands and agencies have used bold colors to stand out in a crowded content landscape; however, 2020 has forced creatives to be more purposeful in their strategies. We see them turning to optimistic colors that inspire a sense of hope-a sense that positive change is coming," commented Flo Lau, Creative Director at Shutterstock. "With nearly 2 million global customers leveraging Shutterstock's library to create innovative, fresh and timely content for their campaigns and projects, their recent download choices are reflecting a shift in creative thought. They're leaving behind the bright, saturated hues that defined 2020 and moving towards 2021 with a rich, natural palette that speaks to new opportunities, and more simply, a desire to get outside and get away."

Top Three 2021 Colors

Set Sail Champagne #FAEBD7

A soft, glowing tint of white evoking an escapist desire to embark on a new journey.

Fortuna Gold #DAA520

A rich shade of gold representing the chance happenings and happy coincidences found in life's moments.

Tidewater Green #2F4F4F

A deep teal with touches of yellow and blue-just like the constant ebb and flow of ocean tides, this color is a reminder that change is a given.

Images: Courtesy of Shutterstock