Shutterstock Unveils Creative Trends of 2021

Shutterstock Unveils Creative Trends of 2021

Shutterstock has unveiled its 2021 Creative Trends report. The major trends identified in the report are determined by analyzing billions of searches within Shutterstock's collection of images, videos, and music tracks by customers.

According to Shutterstock's report, the trends that will define creativity in 2021 include: Tie Dye, Inkscapes & Surreal Face Graphics, Non-binary, Candid Portraits and Authentic human images.

"After the year that was, we were encouraged by the positivity, originality, and resilience displayed by the Shutterstock community, which was reflected in their searches," commented Flo Lau, Creative Director at Shutterstock. "This year's trends centered around individuality, imperfection, authenticity, and escapism -- despite the obstacles we were forced to navigate, and the uncertainty we faced, there was no shortage of creativity and innovation. These trends, gleaned from billions of keyword searches by our users, lay the foundation for the content we can expect to see across creative outputs, B2B and B2C marketing in the year ahead."

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