Canadian Duo Launch Design Activity and Sketchbooks for Kids

Canadian Duo Launch Design Activity & Sketchbooks for Kids

smallbooks is a series of new hands-on, screen-free, and design-based activity books and sketchbooks for kids. The activity books engage little learners in an exploration of design in its many forms - illustration, fashion, architecture, graphic, and more.

The activities in the book are based on 'design thinking' principles, a process for creative problem-seeking, designed to spark children's imaginations to build important analytical, and spatial thinking skills and encourage kids to explore different design disciplines. "We wanted to create something for kids that would spark the excitement and magic of the design process - creating something new, communicating ideas, & making cool stuff," explained the founders of smallbooks.

The first activity book is a broad overview of design - the next 3 books in the future line-up are specific activity books that will focus individually on architecture, graphic design, and fashion.

The blank sketchbooks (for kids and adults) support the idea of sketching and drawing as a lifelong, integral activity to build creativity and expression, and a practice that should be started early in kids.

Photos: Courtesy of smallbooks