bluemarlin Redesigns Buckwud Organic Maple Syrup

bluemarlin Redesigns Buckwud Organic Maple Syrup

bluemarlin recently redesigned Buckwud Organic Canadian Maple Syrup. Buckwud began its life in the UK as a premium brand with a quirky Canadian personality. It is now the single largest branded maple syrup on the market, loved for its distinctive taste and used as a natural, plant-based option to alternative sweeteners.

Bluemarlin was briefed to refresh Buckwud, dialing up its strong credentials as an organic, pure, plant-based product whilst amplifying its unique character to achieve a stronger shelf-standout.

"Buckwud has several design attributes that give it a wonderful presence as well a strong recognition as a premium brand," commented David Hodgson, Creative Director at bluemarlin. "Our redesign needed to retain that positioning whilst prioritizing these visual assets in a way that created greater clarity, enhanced its unique character, and improved brand standout on shelf."

The new design cuts back on the clutter to deliver a stronger brand impact. A natural green color scheme reflects its 100% pure and organic credentials whilst also adding vibrancy and approachability. The copy is clear and characterful, introducing a new dimension to the brand that is both proud and playful.

"Buckwud has always told a brilliant provenance story through design. In this latest evolution, the brand has found the confidence to allow itself to be simple," added Hodgson. "This reinforces its credibility as a natural product so it can maintain its appeal to consumers seeking healthy indulgence whilst also making itself accessible to the everyday consumer looking for great taste."


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