Fuji Xerox X JABA

Fuji Xerox X JABA

Fuji Xerox Singapore recently collaborated with world-renowned graffiti artist Didier 'Jaba' Mathieu and Kiat, Co-founder, System Sovereign, to push the boundaries of digital printing through Didier's interpretation of the world's social and political construct. Featuring five distinct art books - Roots, Dreamscape, Memoirs, Noir and Jaba - the limited-edition collection was showcased at Fuji Xerox Singapore's Print Reimagined event.

Printed on Fuji Xerox's Iridesse Production Printer, the artworks are a combination of hyper-realistic and abstract graffiti concepts that are translated into print. With an inclination towards a graffiti wildstyle, the art pieces have been purposefully designed to bring out the brilliance of Fuji Xerox's Production Printer.


With numerous graffiti and murals painted all over the world, Roots highlights some of Didier's earlier works done during his time in some of the countries he lived in (Australia, Thailand, Brazil, China, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Columbia, and Israel).


Featuring Didier's digital art creation, Dreamscape is conceived as a hyper-realistic piece that takes the form of real images and reimagined into new possibilities. Using inspiration from his travels, Dreamscape documents intimate ways of rethinking architectural features into futuristic worlds.


Taking a different approach, Memoirs features a collection of images taken by Didier, throughout his travels all over the world. Captured using his mobile phone, these photographs hold fond memories of the people he met and the places he has visited.


Inspired by specialty White Dry Ink, Noir is a timeless piece that shows black-white dualism. Pushing the possibilities of printing on matt-coated black paper, Didier and Kiat created this book to experiment and showcase the White Dry Ink's high brightness and opacity that contrasts favorably against a black canvas.


In this book, Kiat was given full artistic control to experiment and recreate Didier's pieces in his own style. The brilliance of the vivid Pink Dry Ink adds an astounding pop-of-color that is not seen in the other books. Unique to Kiat's creative approach, the artwork flaunts a divergent perspective on Didier's work, through the eyes of another artist.

Photos: Courtesy of Fuji Xerox Singapore

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