R for Repair Exhibition at DesignSingapore Council

R for Repair Exhibition at DesignSingapore Council

DesignSingapore Council has announced 'R for Repair' - a new exhibition in Singapore that will shine a spotlight on global waste by showing how, with a little ingenuity, broken or discarded items can be given both new value and a fresh lease of life.

According to the World Bank's 2018 'What a Waste 2.0' report, each of us generates around 0.74 kg of waste per day. Globally, this translates to over 2 billion metric tonnes a year of municipal solid waste. At least a third of that - estimated extremely conservatively - is not managed in an environmentally safe way. Instead, they are dumped or openly burned. Against this background of urgency, 'R for Repair' urges a social reset and rethink.

Commissioned by DesignSingapore Council, this unique exhibition proposes that one relatively accessible way of reducing our global output of waste is not to create the waste in the first place. In place of a mindset that replaces something that is no longer of use with something new, we should, instead, repair what we can.

The exhibition is curated by award-winning Singaporean designer, Hans Tan and features Italian and Singaporean design-duo, Lanzavecchia + Wai, independent research lab, Atelier HOKO and multidisciplinary design practice, Studio Juju among others.

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