Design Organizations

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  1. Design Council

    Design Council

    Design Council's purpose is to make life better by design. We are an independent charity and the government's advisor on design. Our vision is a world where the role and value of design is recognised as a fundamental creator of value, enabling happier, healthier and safer lives for all. Through the power of design, we make better places, better products, better processes and better performance.

  2. DMI


    The Design Management Institute (DMI) is an international nonprofit organization that seeks to heighten awareness of design as an essential part of business strategy. Founded in 1975, DMI has become the leading resource and international authority on design management. DMI has earned a reputation worldwide as a multifaceted resource, providing invaluable know-how, tools and training through its conferences, seminars, membership program, and publications.

  3. Design Forum Finland

    Design Forum Finland

    Design Forum Finland actively promotes the competitiveness and development of Finnish industry and culture through the means of design. This work seeks to improve the exposure of Finnish design and to increase the use and applications of design in industry. Design Forum is an information centre of design presenting a wide range of news and materials on the achievements and strengths of Finnish design both within the country and abroad.

  4. ico-D


    The International Council of Design (ico-D) promotes design excellence and upholds the importance of design as a key medium for progressive social change.

  5. DesignSingapore


    The DesignSingapore Council was established in 2003 to help develop the nation's design sector. The vision of the DesignSingapore Council is for design to differentiate Singapore from global competition. As the national agency for design, the Council's mission is to develop the design sector, and to help Singapore use design for innovation and growth, as well as to make life better.

  6. Design Institute of Australia

    Design Institute of Australia

    The Design Institute of Australia (DIA) is Australia's professional membership body for designers and design businesses. The DIA maintains the design profession's responsibilities to Australian society, fosters a healthy professional environment and delivers a range of tangible services and rewards to members.

  7. The Index Project

    The Index Project

    The Index Project, formerly INDEX: Design to Improve Life, is a Danish nonprofit organization that promotes designs aimed at the improvement of life worldwide, both in developed and developing countries. The organization is behind the biennial Index Award.

  8. Chartered Society of Designers

    Chartered Society of Designers

    CSD is the worlds largest chartered body of professional designers and is unique in representing designers in all disciplines. It operates under a Royal Charter and as such its members operate to the highest professional standards. If a designer has MCSD or FCSD after their name you can be assured of a professional service.

  9. Design Business Association

    Design Business Association

    As the trade association for the UK design industry, the DBA helps to make design consultancies, and businesses that invest in design, more professional and well adapted to one another's needs.

  10. Barcelona Design Centre

    Barcelona Design Centre

    BCD is a private non-profit foundation, which was set up in 1973. Our mission is to promote design as a key factor for company innovation and competitiveness, as well as a discipline improving our life standards.

  11. Cumulus


    Cumulus is a non-profit organization of 124 institutions of art, design and media, from 41 countries all around the world. The association is the only one in the world to serve art and design education and research. Cumulus is a forum for partnership and transfer of knowledge and best practices. Members can propose conferences, workshops and projects among members and with industry, business and other partners.

  12. German Design Council

    German Design Council

    The German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung) was founded as an initiative of the German Federal Parliament in 1953 to meet the growing need of the business world for information about design. Today, the German Design Council is one of the world's leading competence centres for communication and know-how transfer in the design field.

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    Premsela, Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion, has worked to improve the cultural climate for design in the Netherlands since 2002. We do this through lectures, discussions, exhibitions, research and publications in the Netherlands and abroad.

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    APCI is a french national design promotion organization. It organizes a yearly "Observeur du design" awards, and a conference on design promotion, as well as other promotional activities. It offers a portal to design resources in France and in Europe, and the website is in French and English.

  15. BEDA


    Founded in 1969, incorporated in The Netherlands and headquartered in Brussels, the Bureau of European Design Associations exists to ensure permanent liaison between design organizations - the professional societies, promotional, educational, research, social and design management networks - and the authorities of the European Union. The organisation's objective is to develop long-term policies on design for Europe, to promote the use of design across the continent and by so doing, to help industry compete in world markets.

  16. Design Trust for Public Space

    Design Trust for Public Space

    The Design Trust for Public Space is dedicated to improving New York City's parks, plazas, streets, and public buildings. Design Trust projects enrich the urban experience for all New Yorkers by turning good design intentions into reality. By forging public/private partnerships between neighborhoods, city agencies, and design professionals, the Design Trust creates powerful working relationships that overcome political and logistical hurdles.

  17. Be Original Americas

    Be Original Americas

    Be Original Americas is a non-profit organization committed to informing, educating and influencing manufacturers, design professionals and individuals on the economic, ethical, and environmental value of authentic design while preserving and investing in its future.

  18. designaustria


    designaustria is Austria's only professional association and service organization representing the interests of designers from all the creative disciplines - graphic design and illustration, product design, and web design.

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    NESTA is committed to stimulating and fostering innovation in the UK for both economic and social benefit.

  20. Association of Dutch Designers

    Association of Dutch Designers

    Association of Dutch Designers, known by its Dutch abbreviation BNO. The BNO represents designers and design agencies in the Netherlands. The association promotes their business, social and cultural interests, and brings together over 2,500 individual designers, as well as 200 design agencies and design departments within companies.

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    The Arts and Design Promotion is a private, independent and not-for-profit association that has the objective of promoting design and architecture in the country's cultural and economic life.

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    Institute for Human Centered Design

    The Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD), founded in Boston in 1978 as Adaptive Environments, is an international non-governmental educational organization (NGO) committed to advancing the role of design in expanding opportunity and enhancing experience for people of all ages and abilities through excellence in design

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    Design History Society

    Design History Society is the leading organisation for design historians, curators and practitioners. Founded in 1977, the Society works nationally and internationally to promote and support the study and understanding of design history. Its activities are focused on consolidating the teaching of the subject in universities and colleges, and demonstrating the widespread cultural and economic significance of design history.

  24. Iceland Design Centre

    Iceland Design Centre

    Iceland Design Centre is the promotion organization for Icelandic design. It aims to increase appreciation of good design within the Icelandic society and promote Icelandic design internationally.

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    Project H Design

    Project H Design connects the power of design to the people who need it most, and the places where it can make a real and lasting difference. We are a team of designers and builders engaging locally to improve the quality of life for the socially overlooked.

  26. Freelancers Union

    Freelancers Union

    Freelancers Union promotes the interests of independent workers through advocacy, education, and services. The organization gives independent workers a powerful voice through political action, research, and thought leadership.

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    The Designers Institute of New Zealand's mission is to have professional designers valued and rewarded for the contribution they make to the economic, cultural and social growth of New Zealand.

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    Institute of Designers in Ireland

    The Institute of Designers in Ireland is the professional body representing the interests of Irish designers. Its function is to promote high standards of design, to foster professionalism and to emphasise designers responsibility to society, to the client and to each other.