Robot Food Repositions bulk as Aspirational Active Nutrition Brand for Every Body

Robot Food Repositions bulk as Aspirational Active Nutrition Brand for Every Body

Robot Food has rebranded the online sports and active nutrition company bulk for the third time. With the business on track to break £100m revenue in 2021, the strategic reposition and rebrand signal a progressive shift in direction - with the aim of broadening appeal beyond the brand's current heartland of avid gym-goers to create a more inclusive experience for all. This includes the decision to drop 'Powders' from the name.

As more people recognize the significant role fitness and, more importantly, nutrition plays in their daily lives, the extensive range of products offered by bulk means that it is perfectly placed to answer the needs of many.

To elevate bulk from perceived commodity to an aspirational lifestyle brand, Robot Food chose to break away from the confines of the category and instead create a clean, confident and consistent identity, inspired more by lifestyle fashion and contemporary health and beauty brands.

The challenge was to strike the balance between the needs of both existing and potential bulk customers. Through exploration, the Robot Food team found that a common theme between the two audiences was the importance of the fitness 'journey.' From this came a strong reason to believe; that no matter who you are, if you have a goal, bulk can help you achieve it.

For the visual identity Robot Food chose to soften the connotations of the word 'bulk' with a timeless new lowercase wordmark, designed in-house and refined by Paul Hutchison of Hype Type.

Alongside the wordmark, the identity also includes the bespoke font suite 'Bulk Sans,' a custom variation of 'Aventa' created with the help from Ellen Luff Type Foundry. The technical cuts and visual variances of the font add an ownable, technical edge to the identity and act as the lead choice for brand messaging to bolster a newly defined, confident and motivational tone of voice.

As part of the rebranding strategy, bulk wanted to feel more inclusive and accessible, helping to alleviate the intimidation associated with the category. This involved consolidating its extensive range of products to make the shopping experience easier and reflect the changing needs of consumers in an evolving fitness and nutrition landscape.

"To pull bulk apart from other active nutrition brands, we needed to adopt a 'less is more' approach in a category where more is usually more - whilst allowing for enough flex in the design to clearly differentiate the ranges," explained Ben Brears, Strategic Design Director at Robot Food. "To achieve this, we created a number of circular patterns, reminiscent of nutritional charts, that would be unique to each range, and chose different colours and finishes to add a depth and ownability to the identity. For bulk PRO we opted for tactile print finishes and textures to signify its premium positioning. Whilst the former 'Active Foods' now includes photography for a much foodier feel."

Another integral part of the brand's repositioning is a renewed focus on sustainability. 95% of capsule and tablet packaging is now plastic-free, along with 93% of product pouches, which are also home-compostable. These decisions are part of the company's wider pledge to become a completely plastic-free business.

Photos: Courtesy of Robot Food

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