Picturing Freedom - A Century of Illustration

Picturing Freedom: A Century of Illustration

The Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies has announced an exciting slate of speakers and topics for its annual symposium, Picturing Freedom: A Century of Illustration.

This two-day online symposium will explore historical and contemporary notions of freedom as well as the role of illustration as a force in shaping public perception.

How has published imagery affected decision-making, public policy, and cultural understanding? Prominent authors, illustrators, and scholars will offer perspectives.

"The Rockwell Center's scholarly symposium is the capstone event of the Museum's international traveling exhibition, Norman Rockwell: Imagining Freedom which examines the role of published art in influencing mass public perception," noted Norman Rockwell Museum CEO and director, Laurie Norton Moffatt. "Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms were the most widely viewed images of their time, images which sought to inspire a nation to rally to defend freedom around the world. Yet here at home in the United States, freedom was still denied to many Americans. These paintings set in motion Norman Rockwell's commitment to equity, culminating in his iconic Civil Rights images that called powerfully for justice for all."

Photo: Ryan Standfest, Courtesy of Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies

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