Maydan Architects Gives Modern Makeover to 1930's San Francisco Home

Maydan Architects Gives Modern Makeover to 1930's San Francisco Home

Maydan Architects has elegantly transformed an aging 1930's apartment into an ultra-modern gem, with a focus on luxury and functionality. At 2,781 square feet, the four-bedroom, five-bathroom home spans the entire first floor of an apartment building in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco.

Intended to be a secondary family home for a couple with two kids and an eye for design, the space is minimalist and modern, featuring a striking angular aesthetic while remaining cozy and comfortable.

Spearheading both the architecture and interior design, Maydan Architects managed a full remodel of the space, having the interior stripped down to the bare studs with only the shell of the floor maintained. Tasked with emphasizing the stunning views surrounding the building - which had been obstructed in the home's former compartmentalized, maze-like layout - the firm created a 900 square-foot open space that encapsulates the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Views of the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge are visible from each space in this communal area, which is well-suited for hosting family and guests.

Challenged by the owners' desire to fit amenities such as four-bedroom suites, and a private office into a limited space, Maydan Architects prioritized multi-functionality for every room. The team designed a four-panel glass wall that can be closed to cordon off the kitchen for cooking and opened to connect those in the living room to those in the kitchen when desired. Maydan Architects also included a concealed Murphy Bed in the warm and homey library, allowing for the space to serve as a guest bedroom when needed.

Drawing on a theme of 'angles' for the design scheme, Maydan Architects playfully incorporated angular features throughout the space, including with a custom, show-stopping Corian bookcase with diagonal shelving in the library that is visible upon entering the home, additional bookcases by B&B Italia, the desks in the children's bedrooms, the mirror storage units by Boffi in the primary bathroom, and the light fixture over the dining table. Maydan Architects also custom created the kitchen island fashioned with a diagonal motif, the slanted legs for the desks, and the shelving in the children's bedrooms, as well as the shower pans, vanities, and cabinets. One of the standout spaces in the home celebrating angles is the dining room, featuring a white dining table by the Italian brand Porro and a sparkling chandelier set against a striking wall clad in dark ceramic slabs.

Photography: John Sutton

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