Design Museum Everywhere Launches 'Diversity in Action' Training Program

Design Museum Everywhere Launches 'Diversity in Action' Training Program

Design Museum Everywhere has launched Diversity in Action, a comprehensive training program aimed at creating a more equitable design industry and workplace.

Exploring why diversity, equity, and inclusion creates better design and business outcomes, how to build and foster diverse teams, improve company culture, prioritize inclusivity and invest in the future, Diversity in Action aims to be a vital resource for architecture and design firms, creative organizations, business leaders, and individuals.

Led by Diana Navarrete-Rackauckas, Design Museum's Director of Learning and Interpretation, Diversity in Action was created for any designer or design professional in the industry - at any level or subset of design. Its purpose is to give individuals and organizations the tools to examine their work and designs through an equity lens, and also supplement or jumpstart their own personal, collective efforts around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Over the course of 3 months, participants will join in two half-day training sessions where they will learn why diversity and equity create better design and business results, how to foster a diverse work environment and culture, ways to improve as a business by prioritizing inclusion efforts, and how to give back to local and global communities.

"At Design Museum, we fully believe that good design is not possible without equity, diversity, and liberation. With this in mind, we asked ourselves: how do we simultaneously promote this and also lead initiatives?" Navarrete-Rackauckas explained. "Diversity in Action was created to present a solution for individuals and organizations who were looking for the next step in taking decisive action on inequality and the lack of representation in the industry. These sessions aid in providing the time, processes, and resources needed for companies to be successful and support vital industry initiatives and equitable practices."

The half-day, action-packed training consist of breakout sessions, personal and group reflection, dynamic conversations, and a set of self-led deeper learning exercises accompanied by resource sheets and conversation prompts. Participants will be provided with the tools necessary to take action, including digital artifacts created throughout the sessions.

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