Artefact Contemporary Craft Fair at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

Artefact Contemporary Craft Fair at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour

The inaugural Artefact contemporary craft fair will make its debut this summer at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, from June 22-29, 2021.

Attracting top designers, architects, collectors, art-lovers and style-seekers, the physical event will feature an impressive rollcall of contemporary craft and visual arts galleries from the vibrant British craft scene, including Cavaliero Finn, Candida Stevens Gallery, Jaggedart, Katie Jones, madeinbritaly, Ting-Ying Gallery and Vessel Gallery.

Contemporary craft is increasingly making its mark in the world of interior design, and this curated fair will present a range of objects of astonishing breadth, scope and artistic merit. Museum-quality pieces on show will come from all over the world and will include works in unusual materials like paper and blanc de chine, as well as representations of stalwart craft disciplines like metalwork, glass, sculpture, textiles and ceramics.

Transforming an idea into reality takes passion, imagination and vision; from cutting-edge innovation to seeing the potential of materials and artisan processes. In-person visits to Artefact will be an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how one-of-a-kind designs are conceived and made, as well as acquire unique work to cherish for years to come.

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