Fogia Unveils Fragment by Todd Bracher

Fogia Unveils Fragment by Todd Bracher

Fogia has unveiled Fragment, a brand new furniture concept developed in collaboration with Todd Bracher Studio. It is a vast modular seating system defined by details that emphasize its versatile functionality.

In response to the rapidly changing ways we live and work, Fragment sums up our new everyday life, in which each module can be adapted as needed. Open-plan architecture has brought with it the need for micro-architecture within a space, along with the need for privacy, particularly in the workspace segment, which is a central element of Fragment.

"We need a connection to the environment and the people who use it," Bracher commented. "So, we gave the modules these gaps between the backrests so you can see they are being used. I've been referring to them as Glimpse Gaps."

The trademark of Fogia's hand-crafted furniture is comfort, a quality that Bracher was keen to put to work at the core of Fragment. "For some reason, designers tend to fetishize design but not comfort. And I can't help but wonder why comfort is not considered a driving design attribute," Bracher added. "I wanted to use Fogia's expertise in this area but also keep the materials used to a minimum, so the design is light and nimble."

Photos: Courtesy of Fogia