The Chromaphone by ESI Design

The Chromaphone by ESI Design

ESI Design has created a modern town square with an interactive musical clocktower, called the Chromaphone. This public art installation at 101 North Brand turns the plaza into an active destination and its visitors into musicians. People can play with the Chromphone's 'Waterfall Sequencer' or 'Elemental Sampler' to generate patterns of sound and color on the iconic digital clocktower

The Clocktower is integrated into the architecture of the building and acts as an interactive media display. Every hour a chime broadcasts the plaza's energy to the neighborhood.

The redesign continues into the building's interior with a lobby updated to be warmer and more appealing, with improved wayfinding and a media display behind the new security desk that complements the Chromaphone media outside. A bold red building logo unifies the building exterior, tenant signage, and new plaza seating.

101 North Brand is a prime location in the heart of Glendale's downtown and leads the market in onsite and nearby amenities. ESI was challenged with activating and unifying the fa├žade, plaza, and lobby to create a more compelling sense of place and stand out as a Glendale destination.

ESI's design positions 101 North Brand as the cornerstone of the downtown. The bold identity for the building and lively exterior raise its profile and establish it as a vital element integrated with the active Glendale location.

Photography: Caleb Tkach

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