Adobe Launches Source Han Sans Variable Font

Adobe Launches Source Han Sans Variable Font

Adobe has today released Source Han Sans Variable, the latest iteration of the open-source Pan-CJK font family Source Han Sans built in collaboration with Google. The new variable font features granular font weights & glyph variants and it is smaller in file size.

A single file includes all seven existing weights of the font, and everything in between. Users now have granular control of font-weight and can select any value on a continuum between ExtraLight and Heavy, creating subtle typographic hierarchies and effects. The full set of Pan CJK Source Han Sans 2.003 variable fonts in a single OTC file are only around 32 MB, down from 593.7 MB as a set of static files.

Currently, Source Han Sans Variable covers many region-specific glyph variants for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong), Japanese, and Korean. It also includes Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek glyphs borrowed from Adobe's popular Source Sans family, slightly modified to harmonize well with the CJK glyphs.


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