Adobe Launches Substance 3D

Adobe Launches Substance 3D

Adobe has launched Substance 3D, a suite of powerful 3D tools and services that use the power of artificial intelligence to eliminate much of the technical complexity of 3D design. The collection also includes thousands of models, textures, lighting systems, and other assets.

Built for experienced 3D artists and beginners, the new Substance 3D Toolkit includes:


A new state-of-the-art tool to assemble 3D models, materials and lighting in a 3D scene and produce virtual photography.

Painter, Designer and Sampler

Industry-standard texturing tools Painter, Designer and Sampler create stylized or photorealistic images, breathing life into 3D designs.


Soon available for Private Beta, Modeler is an innovative solution connecting VR and desktop for a more immersive design process and organic sculpting.

3D Asset Library

An expanded library of thousands of customizable 3D assets to feed creatives' workflow. The toolkit also provides access to Creative Cloud's fonts library, storage, etc.

Image: Courtesy of Adobe