The Business of Design - Revised and Updated

The Business of Design: Revised and Updated

In June, Princeton Architectural Press will publish a revised and updated 10th-anniversary edition of Keith Granet's indispensable resource for interior designers, The Business of Design.

Originally published in 2011 and now fully updated, this vibrant, enticing, and graphically beautiful look at the business side of design practice is neither dry nor intimidating. Unlike other business books, it is written and illustrated to captivate a visually thinking audience.

For more than 30 years, Keith Granet has helped design professionals pursue their passion, and turn a profit. From billing to branding, client management to marketing and licensing, he reveals the tools necessary to create and run a thriving design business in today's ultra-competitive marketplace.

This updated edition of The Business of Design includes timely information on subjects that include: Business and Financial Management including financial tools and contracts; Marketing and Public Relations including social media and marketing tools; Human Resources including working remotely, office environments and hiring practices; and Project Management including scheduling and budgeting.

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