San Francisco Design Week 2021 - POWER

San Francisco Design Week 2021: POWER

by Melody Mason

The 15th edition annual San Francisco Design Week (SFDW), which typically attracts 60,000 visitors yearly from around the world, kicks-off its all-online program June 7-13, celebrating the dynamic theme 'Power.'

Power is everywhere. It's local and global, personal and public, selfish and selfless. There is power in the food we eat, the music we make, and the ideas we share. Power is 'a seat at the table', a movement, a path forward, and a new beginning.

SFDW invites the design community to reconsider the way we think about power -- and how, by questioning existing institutions, we can use our collective abilities to help distribute and delegate power with equitable intentions.

Discussions about societal change, and the role of designers in leading the charge, will be at the forefront of many SFDW events. Highlights include talks, webinars, web-conferences, and virtual tours with leading designers in multi-disciplines, from user experience, interactive design, VR Experiences and Virtual Art to branding, architecture, interior design and fashion.

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