Closing the Loop - How Systems Enable the Circular Economy

Closing the Loop: How Systems Enable the Circular Economy

Smart Design has announced a virtual 'Smart Salon' exploring issues around sustainability. When considering the end of life for products and packaging, a lot of focus is on material choice.

Plastics have recycling symbols indicating the material composition, and more and more food packages are becoming 'compostable.' However, some plastics can't be recycled, for others there is no market, and compostable packaging often requires more than a backyard compost heap to break down. In addition, recycling infrastructure is local, and varies by city and state. How can we design environmentally responsible products within this context?

Smart Design Sustainability Lead Charlie Paradise and Interaction Designer Peter Schwartz will welcome Fiona Donaghey of hyloh., Keefe Harrison of The Recycling Partnership, and Tom Szaky of TerraCycle for a discussion about how systems enable the circular economy.

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